Boat Repair

These Epoxyworks articles are about specific boat repair, restoration or related projects. For comprehensive boat repair and restoration instructions,  download one of our comprehensive manuals: 002-970 Wooden Boat Restoration & Repair, 002-550 Fiberglass Boat Repair & Maintenance or 002-650 Gelcoat Blisters-Diagnosis, Repair & Prevention, published by Gougeon Brothers.

Article / Category Author PDF
Aluminum Boat Repair
Fix leaking rivets in aluminum boats with G/flex 650Download
Patch holes in aluminum boats with G/flex EpoxyRob MonroeDownload
Fiberglass Boat Repair and Restoration
Creating a non-skid deckBruce NiedererDownload
Custom fiberglass boat repairRich Simms, NMSCDownload
Damian McLaughlin rebuilds ArionKay HarleyDownload
Fiberglass deck repairBruce NiedererDownload
Keeping your boat dry for livability and longevityTom Pawlak
New window frames for STARDUSTJoe Parker Download
Polyester over epoxyJeff WrightDownload
Rebuilding a rudderBarry DukeDownload
Repairing individual and early stage gelcoat blistersTom Pawlak Download
Repairing machined holes in fiberglassTechnical Staff ReportDownload
Repair non-skid and get professional resultsTom PawlakDownload
Replacing damaged bulkheadsDan WituckiDownload
Installing a bow thrusterDownload
WEST SYSTEM epoxy for fiberglass repairTom PawlakDownload
Fiberglassing a Strip-planked BoatTed MooresDownload
Modifying and Customizing Boats
A nose for speedPatrick RoppDownload
Bonding a skeg to a polyethylene kayakChris Maples Download
Building a leeboard bracketRobert Monroe Download
Evolving the sailing canoe rig for cruisingMeade Gougeon Download
Installing a teak deck on ZataraKen NewellDownload
Molded plastic boat repairsTom Pawlak Download
Wood/epoxy composite tank guidelinesPatrick Ropp
Building Composite tubes with West System epoxy and braided fibersJ.R. WatsonDownload
Depth sounder installationDownload
How to build a set of Planer boardsJ.R. WatsonDownload
Installing a removable hatchTom PawlakDownload
Marquetry made easyAl WithamDownload
Make your own soft pad eyesTom PawlakDownload
Using Google SketchUpJeff WrightDownload
Soundproofing a GeneratorTed WassermanDownload
Build What You Can't BuyCaptain James R. WatsonDownload
Plastic Boat Repair
D-ring pads and G/flex EpoxyTom PawlakDownload
Gluing Plastic with G/flexTom Pawlak and Jeff WrightDownload
Michigan chainsaw kayak massacre
Repairing a Royalex CanoeBruce Newell and Stan BradshawDownload
Wooden Boat Repair and Restoration
Restoring the gaff rigged sloop REEBChris Maples Download
A quick fix to a broken spinnaker poleMeade GougeonDownload
Fast Blister Repair with Six10Tom PawlakDownload
G/flex saves the raceGrace OmbryDownload
Rebuilding an International 110Tim BotimerDownload
Repairing rotted topmasts on Appledore IVRandall ZajacDownload
Transom saving tipTom PawlakDownload
Repairing Jester. Who’s laughing now?Greg Horvath as told to Bruce NiedererDownload
Stray Cat StrutAndy DavidsonDownload
Flying Dutchman RepairBill BauerDownload
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