Filleting blend helps maintain strength, beauty of wooden boats

With special attention and care, you can maintain your wooden boat's beauty and enjoy it for many years.  Repairs made with WEST SYSTEM® 405 Filleting Blend Adhesive Filler provide structural strength with no sacrifice in appearance.    

Mixed with WEST SYSTEM Epoxy, this wood-toned, high-density filler is great for bonding joints on naturally-finished wood.  Boat builders and restorers often use it to create smooth, strong fillets – cove-shaped applications that bridge the inside corner of a joint, creating an epoxy brace that adds strength.

It's excellent for gap-filling and works well in bonding layers of wood strips, veneers, planks, sheets and cores in laminating projects.  You can also use it to bond fasteners into place, which dramatically improves their load-carrying capacity.
Epoxy mixed with 405 Filleting Blend cures to dark brown. Add this filler to other WEST SYSTEM fillers to modify their colors for the closest match to the tone of your boat.

WEST SYSTEM offers a complete line of epoxy resins, hardeners, fillers, additives, reinforcing materials, application tools, and instructional publications.

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