General Safety Guidelines

Working with epoxy can be highly rewarding, as well as safe. Serious health problems associated with epoxy use are uncommon. Most epoxy related health problems are minor, but they can cause discomfort and diminish the rewards of working with it. Fortunately, these problems are preventable.

As an epoxy user, you should be concerned about health and safety, and be well informed of the materials and products you use. This guide covers the health hazards of working with WEST SYSTEM epoxy, and some related shop hazards. More importantly, it offers common sense safety practices that will help prevent health problems and assure your long and productive use of epoxy.

Please read this entire guide. Read and follow all product label directions and warnings. Refer to the Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for detailed product safety information.

Health & Safety Department: 989-684-7286 / Fax 989-684-1287


Understanding Overexposure
Health Effects from Overexposure
How to Prevent Overexposure
Other epoxy related hazards
Shop Hazards
Environmental Concerns
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