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Product Description
800 Roller Covers Thin polyurethane foam roller covers are ideal for epoxy, paint and varnish application. Can be cut into shorter widths to match the application area and cut into brushes for tipping off fresh coats of epoxy. Covers are 7" wide and sold in packages of two.
801 Roller Frame 3" caged roller frame holds 7" full-width covers and covers cut down to as narrow as 2" wide. Ideal for narrow strips and tight areas as well as large areas.
802 Roller Pan Heavy duty, flexible plastic roller pan allows you to "pop out" epoxy after it has cured so the pan can be reused. Eliminates the need for liners.
803 Glue Brushes Handy, disposable, ½" x 6" glue application brushes with a metal handle. These brushes are useful in a wide variety of small bonding and coating applications.
804 Reusable Mixing Sticks * A practical mixing, application, filleting, and cleaning tool. Squared, beveled end reaches mixing pot corners for thorough mixing and blending in fillers and for cleaning up excess epoxy. Use rounded end to shape 3/8" radius fillets. Cured epoxy pops off easily, so they can be reused many times. 3/4"-wide x 5-1/2".
Poly Mixing Pots Cured epoxy easily pops out of these strong, reusable plastic mixing pots.
805 16 oz. pot
806 32 oz. pot
807 Syringes Reusable syringes that can be loaded with epoxy mixture for injecting into tight spots. Ideal for hardware bonding and plywood repairs. Holds about 0.5 fl. oz.
808 Flexible Plastic Spreader Flexible, double-edged, reusable spreader for flow coating, fairing and filling applications, and applying fabrics. 3½" x 6".
809 Notched Spreader 4" x 4" plastic spreader with 1/8", 3/16" and 1/4" notches on three sides for quickly applying modified epoxy at a constant rate. Useful when laminating large panels.
810 Fillable Caulking Tubes * Great for injecting large amounts of epoxy, laying a lengthy bead of epoxy or making fillets. Suitable for refilling until epoxy cures. For use with a standard caulking gun. Holds approximately 10 fl. oz.

 Product is currently only available in North & South America

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