Product Selection Chart

This Product/Application Overview shows how bonding, fairing and coating applications are related to combinations of specific products in our 105 Resin-based line.

Step 1

Start with 105 Resin, the basic ingredient of all WEST SYSTEM epoxy compounds. Use 300 Mini Pumps for convenient and accurate metering.

Step 2

Mix with one of four WEST SYSTEM hardeners. Select a hardener for its intended use and for the cure speed best suited for your job in the temperature range in which you are working.

Step 3

Add one of six WEST SYSTEM fillers to thicken the mixture as needed. Select a filler for its handling characteristics or cured physical properties. Or, add one of four WEST SYSTEM additives to provide specific coating properties.


See An Overview of WEST SYSTEM Epoxies for a summary of information on the 105 Resin system, G/flex Epoxy, Six-10 Thickened Epoxy Adhesive and G/5 Five Minute Epoxy.

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