Safety Data Sheets

The purpose of a Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) is to provide readily accessible health and safety information regarding the characteristics of materials and the appropriate procedures for working with them. The MSDS will concisely inform you about the hazards of the materials you work with so that you can protect yourself and respond to emergency situations. The law mandates that employers must provide their employees with access to MSDSs and teach them to read and understand them. Training, knowledge, and understanding of the technical data on an MSDS will provide you with the skills, wisdom, and good judgement to safely deal with your occupational exposure to hazards. Before working with a product, read your MSDS and think about how you will respond to emergencies and control your day-to-day exposures to materials.

Gougeon Brothers prepares and regularily updates MSDSs for all WEST SYSTEM products. The dealer or distributor where you purchase your WEST SYSTEM products should be able to supply you with an MSDS.

For your convenience, MSDSs for our most common WEST SYSTEM products are available below. These MSDSs were written to comply with the legal requirements in the United States. If you are located in Europe, contact your local WEST SYSTEM dealer or Wessex Resins & Adhesives in Romsey, England at Tel. (+44) 01794-521111 for an MSDS that conforms to EEC standards.

The MSDS on this web site are presented in PDF format.

HazCom 2012/GHS SDS
105 Resin
205 Hardener
206 Slow Hardener
207 Special Clear Hardener
209 Extra Slow Hardener
403 Microfibers
404 High-Density Filler
405 Filleting Blend
406 Colloidal Silica
407 Low-Density Filler
410 Microlight™
420 Aluminum Powder
422 Barrier Coat Additive
423 Graphite Powder
501 White Pigment
502 Black Pigment
503 Gray Pigment
610 Six10™ Adhesive, Part A (Resin)
610 Six10™ Adhesive, Part B (Hardener)
650A G/flex® Epoxy, Part A (Resin)
650B G/flex® Epoxy, Part B (Hardener)
655A G/flex® Adhesive, Part A (Resin)
655B G/flex® Adhesive, Part B (Hardener)
702 & 703 Episize™ Unidirectional Carbon Tapes
713 Episize Unidirectional Glass Tape 
727, 737 & 738 Episize Biaxial Fabric & Tape
729, 731, 732 & 733 Episize Glass Tapes
740, 742 & 745 Episize Glass Fabric
865A G/5 Five Minute Adhesive, Part A (Resin)
865B G/5 Five Minute Adhesive, Part B (Hardener)
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